© Copyright Terry MacKinnell Every Rights Reserved

© Copyright Terry MacKinnell Every Rights Reserved

The latest latest elevation regarding Barack Obama toward Democratic contender to own the fresh 2008 presidential elections in the us might have been connected because of the some commentators towards the Period of Aquarius. For many of us new 1960s and 1970s are the age of Aquarius (understand the Aquarian years don’t start in the newest 60’s or ’70s).

I thought i’d look at the relationship ranging from United states presidents and generational markers inside Period of Aquarius

Many anybody today regarding Aquarian age, and some some body be aware that age Aquarius comes after the fresh Age Pisces, hardly any people realize that when you look at the Ages of Aquarius are a dozen sub-age. Such sandwich-ages past just as much as 179 decades for every single. During the sandwich-decades is twelve micro-age for every sandwich-age. Such small-many years are everything fifteen years per. These fifteen years small-ages deliver the generational indicators that select that age group regarding 2nd.

While the a classic analogy, between 1940 and you can 1955 are the newest Sagittarius micro-years. It Sagittarian small-ages correlates for the Kid Boomer generation. The infant Boomer generation is recognized as to apply to people anyone born out-of 1946 on very early 60s – a period some more than fifteen years and you may some from stage of your Sagittarius micro-ages by the in the half a dozen decades. Whatever booms shall be related to Sagittarius unless of course it is this new growth regarding a tool.

I discovered specific interesting correlations when all of the Us presidents are tested, beginning that have George Washington. Both the fresh new voting social enjoys choice to particular generations otherwise particular years are over-depicted around political figures that are running and you may profit brand new presidency (or vice-presidency). Such as 42% of all of the presidents have been born during the Sky years (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). 30% of presidents were created inside the Flames generations (Aries, Leo and you will Sagittarius) if you are simply 16% was basically born in water (Cancer, Scorpio and you may Pisces) and twelve% inside the World (Taurus, Virgo and you may Capricorn).

You can find an uneven number of Planet, Heavens Fire and you will Water years offered as well as the weighted average try 27% for each of Sky, Flames and you can Planet while you are Drinking water is 20%. It appears the worse doing ability is unquestionably Planet during the 12% that’s fifteen% below average (Drinking water during the 16% is just 4% substandard). Which disparity between Sky and you can Fire to help you H2o and especially Earth tentatively indicates that people in politics is drawn far more out-of Air and you will Fire generations and you can somewhat less than mediocre out-of Water and you may notably lower than mediocre to have Earth. Instead this new voting social prefer individuals on the Heavens and you can Flame years along side Liquid and particularly Planet generations.

In any case, Air suggests cleverness and you can intelligence if you are Fire means dynamism, push and you will leaders. Perhaps these types of qualities is actually stamped on presidents because of these Heavens and you may Fire years. Liquids and Environment signs suggest empathy, sensitiveness and compassion respectively. Such generational faculties are at a reduced ebb during the You presidents so far, especially the properties away from practicality and you may feeling.

Examining the zodiacal cues associated with the years demonstrates that more presidents are born within the Aquarian years than just about any almost every other indication. 19% otherwise nearly one in five presidents was in fact born from inside the a keen Aquarian generation whereas from a haphazard analytical studies only a dozen.5% off presidents should be created inside an enthusiastic Aquarian generation.

Sagittarius are in the archetypal layouts out-of expansion, growth, optimism and all the best

There are only a couple possible Aquarian years that presidents was indeed born – the foremost is 1746-1761 while the next 1910-1925. On 18 th century Aquarian generation is actually presidents Monroe and you can Madison. About 20 th 100 years Aquarius age group was George Bush elder, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon and John Kennedy swinging heaven beoordelingen.