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Absolute shame on Bosch for ruining their reputation when almost everything else about the dishwasher is solid. I didn’t want to believe how bad the lower rack problem would be. I’ve had 3other Bosch dishwashers in the past and thought I was upgrading to an integrated, panel ready one. The bottom rack falls even with only 4 plates on it, jamming the turning water arm. It’s so awful I’ve had a repair person out who ordered me a new rack but it’s the exact same issue.

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Titan is a budget friendly home fitness equipment provider. They don’t have the same reputation Rogue has earned, but their racks and gear are generally well received. The stringers are also black powder coated and made out of 11-gauge steel, so they’re tough and don’t take away anything from the look of your rack. I actually think they make the whole system look better. It’s always a good idea to consider what features a rack comes with or is compatible with before purchasing.

Our staff uses the Waring all the time and they asked me to buy another one so that we can retire the old Vitamix blenders. The blender has plenty of power to provide ultra smooth smoothies. Makes easy work of the constant flow of frozen cocktails coming out of our bar. Hesitated to buy a second jar until we tested the blender, and ended up getting a second jar right away. Save yourself the hassle and order a second jar from the start, as this blender will not disappoint.

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That being said, it only has three different speed settings, so there’s not a lot of flexibility. Its motor only puts out 1100 watts, so it’s weaker than the Cleanblend and might take a while to blend up your ingredients if you actually make use of all 70 ounces. This review will focus on the 3 HP dual blender food processor combo. That being said, if you don’t need the food processor aspect or just want to save some money, the cheaper option may be what you’re looking for. A lot of what you learn in this review will be consistent across Cleanblend products, though there are also great cheaper options from Breville and Ninja. We like that the Versa comes with a tamper for bursting air bubbles and moving food around the blade, but the tamper is a little too short and oddly shaped.

Ninja Professional Bl660

This PRx Profile Rack uses 11-gauge steel and comes with 2″ x 3″ upright columns. Even though these columns aren’t the largest around, they really should be strong enough to hold the amount of weight most users will throwing on it. It’s usually easy to tell the gauge of steel a rack is using because it will be advertised. It’s not recommended to go with anything thinner than 12-gauge, there’s no guarantee it’s gonna hold up. I’ve seen racks using 14-gauge steel and I just shuttered to myself hoping no one’s buying them . High-end commercial grade racks can use as thick as 7-gauge steel to stand up to extended use and multiple users a day.

It doesn’t blend as well as the 5200, tall and thin version. When I called Vitamix about issues with blending nut butters they said I’ve got to add bigger amounts in order to get the consistency I want. For quality and they’ve got the best overall costomer service I’ve ever seen. Had to scrape down at about 30 seconds because it stopped blending. Blender kept kicking the mixture on the sides, and since there is no tamper, you can’t easily get it moving again. Produced a nice nut butter, but took a lot of babysitting the machine, scraping down the sides, and adjusting the speed. This model does a fantastic job at pureeing soup, and it can even warm it up to piping hot, ready to serve.

Rack Panel Adapters allow 19″W equipment to be mounted on 23″W or 25″W racks. Versatile 1.75″H (44.45 mm) rack-mounting hinges provide rear access to patch panels or other shallow equipment by allowing them to swing outward. Made from high-strength black composite material. T-shaped cable guides snap-on to the front or rear of the rack to organize cables. The openings align with each rack-mount unit on the rack. The Cable Spool Kit includes four small cable spools to provide slack management and strain relief for patch cords and jumper cables inside the Velocity® Vertical Cable Manager. Kit includes three Fixed Accessory Panels for the Evolution g1 Single-Sided Vertical Cable Manager. Select to match the width of the cable manager; includes installation hardware.

Many of the lower-end blenders we’ve tested don’t advertise which material their jars are made of beyond a “BPA-free” note. But the majority of these jars are probably made of polycarbonate, which is more rigid than Tritan but also very strong. Both materials will crack if heated too high, which is why these jars should not go in the dishwasher. Of all the models we’ve tested since 2013, the Cuisinart Custom 14 Food Processor remains our favorite because it’s simple, powerful, and durable.

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