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And dont try to blame your problems on video games bc you should be able to distingush reality from the world of video games and if not you need to watch this show called Hack/sign its a show for people like you. Finally, I despise the example of the eight and ten-year old boys.

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Especially with people who have mental illnesses and physical conditions that would prevent them to play them. It’s really sad that the public would isolate the video game industry blame them for stupid people’s mistakes such as killing another human being or committing suicide based off of what they saw in video games. Hell even books depict violence and sexual content and they allow it to be shown on t.v or sell in stores. At a certain point we need to take responsibility for our actions instead of passing the buck on. Parents need to be held accountable for their actions as well. Especially when they go out and buy their kids violent games. We as a society have accepted violence as a normal thing.

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  • In gaining popularity in terms of unique users per day, Reddit has been a platform to raise publicity for a number of causes.
  • Since the outbreak, gaming thrived and fraudsters followed the money trail.
  • a way to earn Razer Silver by logging in with your Razer ID and playing Paid to Play games.
  • Create your own custom widgets with blocks of useful data.

Some of the causes will be discussed in detail in this section. Are you facing the no sound issue on your android device? Read on to know the resolutions and how can they be applied to get the issue resolved. You may also check to see if certain some apps can change the volume settings in your phone without you knowing based on how they are loaded in default mode. I have ensured that sound is on, phone volume is up and not muted and have even rebooted the phone but still I have no sound in any of my games. Some apps, such as Facebook, allow you to mute the sound separately from the main volume control. If you don’t hear sound in one particular application, check the app’s sound settings.

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ASUS is also asking anyone that finds a game that works at 120FPS to let them know, and they’ll add it to the ever-growing list of 120FPS-capable games that will make full use of the ROG Phone II. ASUS ROG Phone II can run a HEAP of games at 120FPS, here’s a handy list of them. There are now a number of fantastic Android phones options available at a variety of prices, ranging from high-end flagship phones to budget devices. We took a look at the best Android options and rounded up our favorites. Samsung’s Galaxy line dominates the Android category, and that probably won’t stop anytime soon. But other companies are gunning for the honor of being the best Android phone — and you, the potential customer, benefit from all this competition.

One of the tools profiled even integrates with Google Analytics, which can help smaller businesses save money by using the tools they’re already used to. With this in mind, how do you personalize recommendations that span such an eclectic range of goods? They chose Baynote, a personalization engine that went beyond correlating purchases and monitored user browsing behavior to be able to make intelligent recommendations that increased conversions and sales. Netflix new personalization profiles lets families create individual profiles for each person so that recommendations are better tailored to them. Within the last month, Netflix rolled out their personalization profile, which eliminates the hassle of sharing one account across a multi-person household. This allows each member of the family to create and customize the recommendations that come to them, greatly increasing the chance that they’ll find something they like to watch without sifting through 500+ titles in the queue. On the other end of the spectrum, you have companies who purposefully choose not to squeeze every last drop of information out from their customers – but rather monitor their shopping behaviors and react accordingly.

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