8 imaginative purposes for Mason Jars (heated Pancakes in a Jar, DIY magic pill, plus!)

8 imaginative purposes for Mason Jars (heated Pancakes in a Jar, DIY magic pill, plus!)

Mason jars aren’t simply for Grandmas and their homegrown pickles any longer! There are plenty of unique and versatile ways to use this traditional kitchen area solution. Enjoy my sector on imaginative ways to use Mason containers….and specially Chelsea MA sugar babies when Marlon Wayans (top understand for aˆ?light girlsaˆ? and aˆ?Scary Movieaˆ?) have a scare of their own as he met with the pleasures of sampling our common, south delicacy: Cold, raw Blueberry Pancakes in a Jar. Hey, it had been simply a prop, I becamen’t wanting you to really take in it!

1. Turn your own blender into a magic pill! I enjoy the concept of the quick fix and it’s really ability to produce personalized smoothies according to personal choices. But my 14-year-old blender remains lively and kicking, so I don’t have to (nor would you like to) purchase one a lot more appliance to account for precious storage area.

Did you know that a general mason container can be used in place of the pitcher on most blenders? Yes, it surely can! Lots of removable knife assemblies attach correct onto a small-mouth Mason jar. I enjoy store various aˆ?smoothie setsaˆ? (for example. a blend of proteins dust, ultra Seed, P2P, flax-seed, etc.) in containers within my kitchen pantry, subsequently toss in my personal favorite frozen good fresh fruit for a fast, single-serve smoothie. And because i will take in they straight through the jar, you will find less meals to cleanse. That’s a WIN-WIN for me!

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2. Blueberry Pancakes in a Jar. On a busy weekday day who would like to getting stuck flipping pancakes over a hot griddle? Maybe not myself! For this reason I ENJOY this awesome time-saver of having ready-to-cook people Blueberry Pancakes in a Jar. Your kiddos can only grab a jar, pop they during the microwave and breakfast are served…all if you are slowly going out of bed.

Foods a cupful flour (I use whole-wheat pastry flour) 1 TB cooking powder 2 TB sugar (or Stevia) 2 TB melted butter 3/4 mug whole milk Blueberries (fresh or frozen)

Combine flour, baking powder, and sugar in a tiny dish, and whisk until matched. Lightly blend in melted margarine and dairy until blended. You shouldn’t over mix.

Store instantly in fridge. Whenever ready consume, simply seize one, remove the lid, and make into the microwave (1 minute for smaller jars, or 90 mere seconds for big jars). Best with comfortable syrup.And the best part: possible eat these straight out regarding the container. Which is LESSONS with a capital aˆ?K,aˆ? ya’ll!

3. Make-ahead Salad in a container. They’re awesome to get ready several days ahead, store into the fridge and seize when you’re oriented out the door or need a simple dish at your home. The key is covering the hefty and moist elements VERY FIRST, so the more products continue to be sharp and fresh. Discover a typical example of how to layer the salad:

1) BOTTOM aˆ“ dressing/liquid 2) significant ingredients that hold up well whenever immersed in dressing aˆ“ beans, cucumbers, radishes, onion 3) big items that may very well not desire straight holding the dressing when saved 4) Leafy greens/light ingredients that occupy plenty of area aˆ“ oatmeal, kale, chard, arugula 5) handful of big highlight items aˆ“ nuts, vegetables, dried fruit, croutons, highlight spices 6) TOP aˆ“ colourful formulation to perk up your tastebuds as soon as you put available the jar aˆ“ fresh fruit, edible blooms, natural herbs

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4. DIY Powdery Sugar Shaker. I love to spread only a little powdered glucose on french toast or brownies, but inevitably there is an enormous mess that follows anytime We pull out that crumpled case. To avoid that, we placed certain cups in a Mason jar, grab a lid, hammer and lightweight tack nail. Generate several openings and…voila…you’ve got yourself a mess-free option to take pleasure in all of that white, powdery benefits!

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5. Foam milk without a frother. Don’t have a fancy-schmancy espresso device with connected milk steamer? Don’t worry about it. Merely complete a tiny container with a little milk products (only halfway) and shake until the milk have doubled sizes. Pop-off the lid and microwave the whole milk for 30 seconds.

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6. Home Made Meals Surprise Containers. Well, duh, this package’s pretty self-explanatory, but i really couldn’t leave it aside. We have now probably all obtained or provided a aˆ?Cookie combine in a Jar.aˆ? In 2010 we offered ChexA® Muddy BuddiesA® xmas present Jars. See the tutorial here.

7. Store Bulk Foods once I come home from Sprouts, it’s my job to have a number of huge, plastic bags saturated in dried beans, quino and natural almonds. To keep points newly made in pantry, i personally use my personal handy-dandy KitchenAid Pro Funnel to easily fill the jars and store my mass things on the shelves. I do believe my border-line OCD hubby appreciates your time and effort, too.

8. frost Leftover Soups and Stews in containers. I know many of us are making an effort to improve switch from synthetic to glass in relation to snacks storage space because previous research has connected toxins like BPA, phthalates, and PFCs to health concerns in humans. Whenever feasible, I like to incorporate containers for products I intend to store for very long periods of time. I’ll complete a jar with remaining soups, screw in the cover, label it making use of a sharpie, and place they into the freezer. Be sure to only fill-up to 2/3 filled up with water to accommodate expansion otherwise the container may split.