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So, for example, if you create a file on your personal Gmail account, you can’t make someone who uses a company Gmail account the owner, or vice versa. If you take pictures of receipts or business cards, Google Lens will read and copy text, phone numbers, or email addresses right from your photos and allow you to search on that information. Better yet, if you search for things like "receipt" or "business card," Google Photos can identify pictures of those items. Some of these features are only available on mobile, but they’re massively convenient.

Back Up All Your Data

That means if you edit a document, create a new version of a video, or overwrite a PDF, Google and Dropbox will save the previous version for a month. Once again, though, Dropbox will raise that cutoff to 120 days or 180 days for Business and Professional subscribers, respectively. With Google, no matter how much storage you buy with Google One, you’ll still be stuck with 30 days of version history. The owner of a file or folder in both apps can promote anyone to owner status, allowing them to take over control. The new owner can then remove the previous owner entirely. However, Google can’t promote someone outside your organization to owner status.

In the dialog, check Share this folder, then click on Permissions. Depending on the folder, you might see your user name, or Everyone in the list of users. That means the file transfers are just as fast as they are with the paid pro plans. The MEGA file-sharing company is famous for a variety of reasons, and not just for its file-sharing services.

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What Are The Top 8 File Sync Tools For Windows 10?

You can also star items as important, but those end up tucked away in a separate tab. Dropbox, on the other hand, shows you the files you’ve uploaded most recently, as well as a row of items you’ve starred. In this way, Dropbox gives you more control over which files you see first, while Google Drive relies more on algorithms to guess your needs. Depending on what you prefer, one might be better, but they both get the job done. Google’s app is called Backup and Sync, and you have to download it separately, so it’s not required in order to use Google Drive. Dropbox supports all of this (with the exception of one-tap sign-in), and is also taking lead on passwordless logins through standards such as the webauthn. That little LAN sync checkbox can mean a huge performance difference for small businesses on a local network.

The username and password will be the Windows username and password for the PC you’re setting up. In the dialog that pops up, give the site a name, such as “MomsFTP,” and browse to the directory that you want as the main source for the site.

Can recover files deleted or changed within past 30 days. Limit raised to 120 or 180 days with Business or Professional. "Smart" Quick Access bar automatically pins common files to the top. Supports advanced search parameters, and machine learning in Photos search. Version history in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides is top notch. If you need to restore an older version of a file, both Dropbox and Google will let you go back through up to 30 days worth of older versions of a file.

In the Add Remote Connection dialog that pops up, give the remote PC a meaningful name such as “Office-PC”, type in its IP address, the user name you want to log on as, and that user’s password. If you’re going to use normal file sharing, select CIFS/SMB, if you’re going to use FTP, select that. If you haven’t installed Hybrid Backup Sync, go the the Apps section and install it. Many other NAS boxes—such as WD’s and Seagate’s—will already have any Adobe Dreamweaver CC backup features pre-installed. Yes, we’re going to do a one-way sync, which is like a mirror of your source. If you want a true backup, i.e. a point-in-time saved image, you’ll need to use other means.

This will be the directory or folder you want to back up, although if you prefer, you could back up files from other locations to that folder as well. SMB is the easiest for computers on your local network, but how about your mother’s PC across town? FTP, one of the oldest file transfer technologies around, is just the ticket. PCWorldOnce the dialog above is open, click on Advanced Sharing.

QNAPOnce you’ve opened Hybrid Backup Sync, you’ll want to go to FTP or CIFS/SMB under the remote to local sync menu. Only check Anonymous access if you want everyone to be able to see the site without entering a username and password.

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