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See Component Methods for a list of commonly used Component methods, andJava Applets for help in using Applet methods. The loadImage method loads the image for the specified frame of animation. It uses the getResourceAsStream method rather than the usual getResource method to get the images.

We will narrow down our illustrations to the learning environment. One thing that has revolutionized teaching skills on the Internet is the use of dynamic content.

Every applet is an extension of the java.applet.Applet class. The base Applet class provides methods that a derived Applet class may call to obtain information and services from the browser context. destroy − This method is only called when the browser Dropbox shuts down normally. Because applets are meant to live on an HTML page, you should not normally leave resources behind after a user leaves the page that contains the applet. The JVM on the user’s machine creates an instance of the applet class and invokes various methods during the applet’s lifetime. There many types of web applications and numerous ways in which applets may be applied.

A malicious applet can infect a computer system in many ways, including denial of service, invasion of privacy, and annoyance. A typical solution for malicious applets is to make the web browser to monitor applets’ activities. This will result in a web browser that will enable the manual or automatic stopping of malicious applets.

Let us examine the uses and applications of applets within this math web application called quikercalculations.com. Without being in the child’s presence, a parent always knew when a child was playing with their toys. The sounds of talking, laughing, horn blowing, and emotional exclamations could be clearly heard. Battery-operated toys could make sounds, movements and life-like interactions with the child. Technology is to animate toys – what applets are to program applications.

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The next table lists the interesting methods that JApplet adds to the applet API. They give you access to features provided by the root pane. Other methods you might use are defined by theComponent andApplet classes.

The resulting code isn’t pretty, but getResourceAsStream is more efficient than getResource for loading images from JAR files into applets that are executed using Java Plug-in™ software. So, now that we know why we need browser support for Java, let’s start with the list of browsers that support it today. A program designed to be executed from within another application. Unlike an application, applets cannot be executed directly from the operating system. With the growing popularity of OLE, applets are becoming more prevalent. A well-designed applet can be invoked from many different applications.

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Applets were used to provide interactive features to web applications that historically could not be provided by HTML alone. They could capture mouse input and also had controls like buttons or check boxes. In response to the user action an applet could change the provided graphic content. This made applets well suitable for demonstration, visualization, and teaching. There were online applet collections for studying various subjects, from physics to heart physiology. Applets were also used to create online game collections that allowed players to compete against live opponents in real-time.

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